Sunday, March 18, 2018

Shadow Sunday #1

 If you aren't the lead dog, the view never changes...

There are a group of photographers who share shadow photos on Sunday HERE and I am joining in their link party today.
We have moved to the "high desert" and the sky is an ever changing light show. Something about the altitude, the Rocky Mountains Range, the particular circumstances of this place makes for a wonderful light show each day. Clouds are different here.

You will never be bored here, if you just look up. We can see a snow storm happening miles away as the clouds rip open crossing the mountains, while we have clear skies. This week I saw rain from very far away, hitting small areas, while next to them was clear sun. The sun is intense.

It creates wonderful shadows and I tried to capture a few for you today.

This is a path between homes. The official temp can be 50 F. but in the sun it feels like 75.
Trees and shade are at a premium here. One becomes grateful for a bit of shadow. The same temp of 50F feels like 30 when the sun starts to set and the wind picks up.
It's all relative.
This guardian is either in full shadow, or highlighted. What percentage of shadow does it take to then just mention highlights? The opposite of shadow? If I tried to paint this, people would say, that's not right! Not normal! However, it is right here in real life!

It's difficult to capture Milo still... so his shadow is constantly changing. We know this is a poodle with a toy and chewed up leash... We know it's a dog but look at just the shadow... Again, if I painted this, people would say how odd! That's not right, but here it is.

A shadow chicken.  Cluck cluck cluck!

If I made a piece of art like this, would it be considered absurdist? Yet, here it is!

To leave you today, a very quiet, still shot of a shadow. It is still but you know as the sun moves, the clouds build or recede, it changes minute to minute in real time.

Life is like that... constantly changing.
Change in all it's manifestations is my word of the year...

Friday, March 16, 2018

Still sewing...

I sewed together the remaining fan blades from Linda's scrap box. She said, be careful they aren't measured precisely. As if that would stop me!!!

Here are the two sewn sections creating a curve... nice!
I've made a couple more as I wanted a bit of golden hue... and some bright green as you know lime is a neutral, right?
 It becomes a real "S" shape however... I wondered about appliqueing it to a long skinny background, and doing some colorful circles to go with... or
separating out the blades... will I do a circle to cover the raw edge centers? Or another shape?
Fun to play with on my tiny temporary design wall.

As to the watercolor...
 I had a good time sewing the horizontal rows, keeping it all connected with chain piecing,

So now it looks long and skinny. And it might be after the rows are sewn.
Funny how you can place all the squares on the design wall, then it looks different sewn

Here it is with the bottom half rows sewn to each other
I hoped to have the whole thing done but something in the sewing I did do, hurt my old PCL torn knee... I've been really thrown off with pain. I don't know if it was some change in angle or just sewing again at a machine, but I rested yesterday and watched these
and am so excited to find a new series that is smart, and funny.

Back to the discussion...

At first I started ironing all seams open this time. I usually press them in one direction across a row, then the other direction for the next row, so they'll nest when stitching the rows. This time I thought I'd try opening.

Well opening the quarter inch seams took a long time. Then I wondered if they would lay flat after stitching and pressing, so I went back to pressing to the side. I'll see which method lays flatter.

I decided aspen trunks won't show up on this light center. The little squares I was given are nearly all lights, and my goal was to use only what I was given. So....
Now I think I'll use a brown scrap to do some branches, not a trunk, and stencil birds on the branches. 
Either that or stencil the birds, cut them out and applique them on branches for dimension.
A quilt evolves.

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

I Like #80 Quilt making, spring yards, nests, and lambs!

The two palm trees say it all! (sort of a smile)
Welcome to this week's list of likes!

Starting with a mantel as an ongoing changing exhibition. I like bright pink mini carnations, and surprise cards sent by friends (Monika and Diane, both poodle people)

I liked this yard on our walk...
Now that's the spirit!
Cute little carrots and bunnies
Thanks for bringing in some color!

I spied this little nest on the twig saplings along the sidewalk...
Apparently they clear cut to build all these houses, so all the trees are small still. Even so a bird said, well that's the way with new developments. Gotta put your nest where you can!
Yes that sky is gray. The sky is constantly changing here. Bright clear blue, an hour later clouds, after that it is solid clouds then blink! Blue again. Sunsets are pretty here.

My friend Linda sent this box of GREAT SCRAPS!
I even found fat quarters in here... as well as this little jewel...
fan blades waiting to be sewn... I haven't done a dresden since my first sampler to learn quilt as you go back in the early 80's. Making a big one is on my list however, as I love circular pattern, but this is so exciting I plan to sew it up next and applique the whole thing onto a quilt.
 When a person gets tired of a project, they are happy to let it go, and I am happy to take it! I am stimulated by seeing it, it's new to me. Win win! Thank you my friend! ( her BLOG )

Scraps make me so happy.
I've been sewing away on my watercolor background, which I'll show Friday.

I also am grateful to win a drawing and this bright orange fat quarter! Thanks Nudge!

I enter a link party of shadows on Sundays and enjoy each person's post.
Last Sunday I discovered this writer. I so enjoyed her blog and she had an older post with this quote

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.~ Melody Beattie

It is perfect for today, isn't it? 

Enjoy the video The Sewing Circle. It's charming.  

Milo here for my "Milo's Moment"  this week. I liked my new toy lamb... I like it a lot...
this lamb's ear is soft! and chewy
When I like something I want it in my mouth a lot.
In fact I wanted to take my new lambie on a walk one evening. 
Daddy said, "no Milo let it rest here".
 HERE??? Why someone could TAKE it! It's very valuable!

 I fought him tooth and nail to come back and get the lamb. It wanted to go too! I didn't need a baby stroller or anything, I could carry it in my BIG POODLE TEETH! I fought he and Mama the whole 2 mile walk because they didn't listen to me! 

The very minute I got back in the door, I stopped biting them and ran to the lamb and picked it up, and threw it in the air (it loves that  ) and carried it around so it didn't feel lonely getting left behind like that. 
Then I chewed off a leg, and a tail. 

 I also loved going on a ride along with the peeps this weekend to look at houses for us. 
I mean they own one in Maryland, and we're renting one here, so how many do we need? I can only stink up one at a time! So, after they looked inside and came out sad, I cheered them up with a runaround in the nearby park!
 I try to include ALL my pawrents, so I run back and forth between them. I circle around the mama because if you accidentally put your teeth on the mama there's big trouble, but when I get to Daddy I launch myself at him, just so he knows I am there, and grab an arm or two just to say I Love You. 

Feels good to run full speed doesn't it? 

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Well it's a start...

It's a start... can't keep a good artist down forever. 
I spent this week washing the bits and bobs I've accumulated over the last few weeks.
Someone gave away the 2" squares, so I put them in a mesh bag, washed them pressed them and I'm ready to play a little
No design wall, so I took a piece of moving cardboard, put washed batting over it and started. 

 I forgot. 
I forgot how enjoyable it is to quietly place color next to color. 
I thought I'd do a table runner with these, and only these, the ones given away. 
As I worked, on a quiet Sunday morning, listening to the washer doing it's job, listening to the good husband vacuuming up dried grass Milo brought in, my growing panic at not selling our home in MD began to recede.
Color next to color. Slight variations in pattern. Move a piece, exchange a placement. No real thinking other than create a light center oval and work outwards.

I think a spring tree in the center with buds... budding hope, that's it.

Just play, keep playing. No noise, no music, no lights except sunlight.

I found these
and bought these

I also bought these, in good faith.

I washed them in their own little mesh bag, even through as I looked through them I counted them and the company shorted me four out of 42.

What? Aren't pre-cuts expensive enough without getting shorted?


I found this too... I love the process of making, don't you?

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

I Like #79

you can hardly see the power towers in this view between homes
Welcome to this week's list of likes!
I liked the shadow a tree cast on our morning walk... the sun is intense here in the high desert!
and the sky is blue
Spring is yet to arrive
I collect Likes all week, often starting on Friday... today while researching ideas for an art challenge I ran across this amazing post.
17 most beautiful stairs around the world


I was researching  for my upcoming challenge inspired by great artists, with the theme 1+1=3.
I ran across a different challenge, wowie! I wish I'd know about it back in 2013, enjoy!

look at this one from one of the group

 Lovely, and just a beautiful blog! So much color and interesting collages!

While researching this topic, Three muses, I found the Take a Word challenge

Oh this is very stimulating. It's paper collage, and paint, and words, and I can adapt this prompt to my writing or quilting. I may not be ready with supplies to do it just yet but I will. And just thinking about what you'd make is fun too right?

I sketched out two quilts for Alida's challenge already. It's more than I usually have to go on!
I used to be self conscious of my drawings, but now I embrace them and quite like them.

I like this Purchase at the recent Home show (link to that fun post HERE)
It's a pottery grater about 4" in diameter. The demonstrator was grating ginger, garlic, lemon zest, spices, and more. The bottom of the little plate is rough pottery, all glazed. It came with a garlic peeler, and a little brush to push the zest out. He said, grate a garlic clove, pour in olive oil for a dipping sauce. Well, Yeah... 

I have been watching  DVD's from the library to catch up on movies. I saw two this week.
An odd film... Richard Gere is good in it, and most of the movie I was wondering just what was going on. I didn't truly figure it out til the end... a surprise ending. I think I liked it... not sure.

Learning to Drive
Oh how I enjoy Ben Kingsley. About an Indian man who was granted political asylum in America. He ended up forming a close bond with one of his driving students. I loved the slow relationship build up between a woman going through a life change and this man.  I also loved the intense feelings shared by them. It was surprisingly intensely romantic for a movie where the characters never so much as kissed.
The love was shown in a gesture, a kind word or deed. There is so much love to be shared in life that has nothing to do with sexual activity. I thought about the characters and their interactions for days after. 

Sandy sent a link to this blog, and here is a post I loved

On today's post she had a quote that resonated, so that I wrote it down in my calendar.
"“We have art in order not to die of the truth.”" Friedrich Nietzsche

 Milo liked meeting a cat on our morning walk. The cat got off his porch to greet us, and stopped short of Milo who was straining at the leash (the one we bought because it would stop dogs pulling at the leash, yeah right)
See the black and white cat???
Friendly kitty, but when Milo wagged his tail and looked down at it, the cat backed up and went all Halloween kitty on him. What did he expect? Milo did NOT bark nor bite at him, but it was yet another frustrating walk for both of us after that.

Milo: OMD,  A cat up close and personal! I've been meaning to play with a cat! It's on my bucket list along with chew up all leashes, and collect all rocks!

Please visit these fine folks keeping it positive today!  And consider joining us... keep a list of your likes all week and do a post on Thurs. Let me know!

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Home and Garden show with artist interviews

We met Monika at the Home and Garden show in downtown Denver on Sunday. It was so much fun. Want to see what I saw there??? Well, step in...
Lots of rows of unusual things here. Everything from landscape, waterfalls, doors... choose one...
Open the door to a friend...
to jewelry to dog supplies!
Don't drink from these birdbaths though.

I loved the spring theme with hyacinth's perfume wafting through the building, hidden eggs, birdbaths to welcome birds who've just returned from the South.

Hope they brought some Southern Food for me!

Aren't these little yard art discs hilarious? They reflect the sunlight in brilliant colors! And move in the breeze.
Speaking of the south... I miss a palm tree. I could have one for mere thousands of dollars! And they dismantle for travel. I talked to the two men, one described the design process for the palms and when I asked to take a photo close up (Because I'm an artist too) the other one shared his art with me.

I did a mini interview with him. He works in his girlfriend's studio. She's very tide, he's very messy.

He makes statement art. Mostly 2-D paintings. Also installations. He was quiet and excited to share his artistic process and vision with me. He only shared images on his phone so I can't show you.

Meaning driven, he starts with a word, or a passion, or a thought and builds somewhat abstract pieces that are representational enough to recognize.

He is very disturbed by gun violence and intolerance among people today. He obviously shares his statement when sharing beautiful art.

He works from within, then shows it through exhibits. I'd love to know how a neat-nik and a messy artist find tolerance within the same space!!

This would make a statement in one's yard. Here's looking at you kid. Note the gorgeous handmade glass yard ornaments also for sale, coming out of the head.

This was one of the three things I wanted to take home. The color was brilliant in person, blue to turquoise, a water fountain that quietly made it's own statement.

The next one was loud! Loud and beautiful, and I can hardly imagine it in the tiny yards here, but it would make a wonderful haven wouldn't it?

Ions, and rushing water are great sounds...
Or this??? Can you imagine seeing it every day???
Lovely gate and fence to invite you into the back yard... are you getting tired yet? Drew was, and imagined himself resting on this lovely mid century looking furniture with gas fireplace and art...
The artwork was metal, for outdoors!
Love the chairs and well, just all of it!
I saw this murphy bed for your poodles...
For a more fancy home than ours. We just have the crate sitting out in view in the family room. Milo sleeps the sleep of the innocent, on his back with legs in the air, between us each night. He is a BIG fan of sleep, especially in the big bed. He always has done. I think it's the only time he truly feels secure. He could sleep 12 hours I think.

Time for dinner? This company makes very unusual tables. Note the legs. They will take down your tree, slice it and make a table for you with it. 

After all that you might like a shower.
I loved this towel rack.

One might need a large home to hold this and I'd love that. Not likely but a girl can dream.

There was a lot of dreaming and wishing here.
The other item I wanted was an enormous umbrella with inner lights, free standing, and tilting for the back yard.

 I doubt I'll find another screened porch haven like I left behind, and the sun bores down on you here. That huge umbrella in blue would be a joy to sit beneath especially in the evening.
Look at these lights... clouds the artist called them.  He and I had an instant affinity and chatted about the artistic vision and personality. I loved his work, and he could be a good friend if he didn't live 3 hours away... if I can remember any of what we discussed I'll share.

It was one of those rare discussions where both people totally get the other, and are excited to talk.

He said his studio is messy (yea!) and he is often driven by ideas. I asked how he came to create the cloud glass sculptures (it's blown glass) and he said over time, after making a number of mountain glass pieces he thought where could he go next.

Like me he knows it's easier to change direction if you're moving than from standing still, so he is a strong believer in making stuff. He was so smart to say there is no waste.
No time nor materials are ever wasted in the process as each movement takes you toward another grand idea. Each new discovery is on the heels of experiment and play. A piece is not wasted... it may not sell or be popular but it took you to the next piece.
Look at the lovely colors blended along the edge.

Imagine! You'd never again have to listen to the inner critic telling you you're wasting your time and materials on a piece!

He built an enormous sound system right in the middle of his studio as he loves to sing and listen to music. He said it changed his world. He loves to go to work! The music lifts his mind to the process.
My opinion is music, or tv or books on disc, all keep the inner critic, the right side of your brain that is about business, the worrier, busy so the left side can create at will. He said he silenced the inner critic a while back, when he decided there was no such thing as waste. Loved that!

There were lovely landscape ideas, plants that thrive here, arrangements of man made with natural items, gates, fences, furniture, fountains, fireplaces, and innovative ways to grow vege. There were products to use to keep your home looking good, and lots of giveaways.

gardeners gave out lots of seeds including pencils full of them!
Everything from pens and totes, to bananas, candy, plastic cups, small knives and tools, fingernail files, anything you can print a business name upon.Yep, they were giving away bananas too.
first thing grabbed was a new yardstick!
We tried truffle vinegar (yum) and considered dog harnesses, saw magic rugs and food items.
We bought cheese curds. I spun the wheel and got $5 off these cool leggings...
The palm tree guys gave me a little palm tree because they took a liking to me! So lucky! 
Lookie at the pile of cool tote bags in the back
things to write on and with, things to measure with, drink out of, eat, hold keys, and stuff to tote it all around in. I had a great time, and it was great to see my poodley-friend Monika.
Great to see my husband having a good time, talking to people, scarfing up toys, finding tidbits I'd like like candy.
Wish you were there!

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