Thursday, February 15, 2018

I LIke Thursday #76

Welcome to this week's list of likes! How about these guys?
My husband ordered a little pink elephant watering can for me after a recent like post! Delicious!
And I got this cute little clock at IKEA recently.

I like my friend Monika (https://tailsaroundtheranch) who met me last week for an IKEA moment. We both like to wander through the whole place. We started with free coffee and a snack when she gave me this little fellow she felted for me

 then we wandered...
I saw some fun stuff like
This live plant I purchase and took home. Cheery right?
and this flexible laundry basket in an amazing shade of aqua!
And this table shaped like a leaf that can stack over a coffee table (not a purchase)
And this flamingo pillow... and these chairs to hold leashes (no purchase either)
I liked the iris my husband brought home for me this week.
 And three movies I watched this snowy weekend...
One is LION
Lion (2016 film).png
A true story, written by a man who was lost as a child  in India, then found his birth family after 25 years! A 5 year old boy, left asleep in a train station by his old brother as he tried to make money for their family. When the brother returned, Saroo had already gotten on a train and was lost to the family til he found them miraculously after all that time.
Watching the movie, which seemed really slow to me but full of feeling, I felt the panic and despair of that 5 year old. I rejoiced at the tenacity of a young man able to remember lost memories, and trace by google earth back along train lines to his home. I felt the love of an adoptive mother as she let him go find his birth family.I realized that there are many children out there, also living on the streets with no where to go.
Image result for film about india last english ruler
Funny enough, I chose movies from the library shelf at random. I realized my second film was also about life in India. Viceroy's House. I learned so much about India's independence, and how hard it was to set up government after being ruled by England for years. That's when Pakistan came into being. It opened my eyes to the heartache and problems this fine ancient country India had. It also made me think about prejudice.
It's easier to rationalize subjugating a group of people if you decide their skin color makes them less than human.

As did this film, Lost city of Z,  set in South America, another true story, this time of English explorer Percy Fawcett. He discovered ancient civilizations in South America. When he brought back his discovery to England, he was denigrated for even believing indigenous people were that advanced.

The lost city of Z
The Lost City of Z (film).png

I don't know why people will not believe facts but came to understand these people were threatened by the realization that "Indians" might be their equals, that someone they wanted to be better than, could actually have advanced societies. (If indigenous people are human, then you can't subjugate them for their gold)
Still happens, when perceiving a group as equals threatens someone's  sense of entitlement, that group is held down.

Some people refuse to admit Scientific facts because those facts might indicate a need for changes to be made in action or thought. I ran into something like that this week and it wasn't nice at all to be yelled at because I believe in climate change.

I liked all these movies for causing me to think and define myself. 

I like that I started my valentine quilt finally, see post HERE

I starting laughing out loud at this person's blog! She finds the funniest pics! And her comments!

Enjoy scrolling down, each post is hilarious

A friend sent a link to this site about crocheted food. I not only marveled at that, I went on to read the scientific historical studies for days. Human migration, runes, ancient manuscripts, and lots more.
 I LOVE This site! Atlas Obscura.
<em>Caihong juji</em> was a study in contrasts.
Just to get you started, and if you're like me, leave the page open to travel from story to story, here's a link to how science discovered dinosaur birds had brilliant feathers!

Milo is thankful he is out of his cone of shame for the most part. He is recovering from his snip surgery...
MILO: What the heck!!! I woke up in this and they continued to keep it on me. How's a poodle to sniff the world with that thing on! I talked them into taking it off for walks, just so's I could find the right place to pee and poop. Mama said, well don't lick your incision and stay where I can see you.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

What better day to make a Valentine Quilt?

I sketched this out over a month ago but I could not gather the energy. I washed the fabrics, I sketched the design, I gathered the embellishments I saw on it in my mind's eye.
But I could not start.
Until today, Valentine's day. I got an email from my friend Kathy in Maryland, and she said she was waiting to see my V-day quilt... a gently encouragement from a friend to just... do it. So I started.

Last night a Pairs Skating team skated to Michele LeGrand's Summer of '42 music. It started me thinking about his music and For some reason I began singing this today on my morning walk.

Let this other song of his play while you read how I made the quilt today
                                    ... lovely.
One of my favorite songs, and she does it best, with Tony Bennet a close second.

No freezer paper, so I free hand cut out a heart from parchment paper. Placed the folded heart on folded fabric and cut out about 3/8" away.
Snip all around.
Then I used lapel stick to temporarily turn under the edges.

there, done, now place it on my background, a black and white floral. Off center, that's good...

 see the paper is in there. I used some more lapel stick along this edge and pressed down to background then pinned.
after sewing with a blind applique stitch to within 3 inches, I reached in and removed the paper

better check that it's stitched all the way around, yep
Now, lay the appliqued heart onto batting and start the embroidery.

 I used some #5 perle cotton in dark brown to embroider a tree.

Trees symbolize growth.

No marking please, just start a chain stitch and add more til it's done!

Trust the process. At the end I stitched a wee bit of leaves to the tree, to symbolize new life

I didn't worry with making a perfect heart, a perfect tree, I just started, and kept going. Like life, no?

I plan to see if I can get my machine going tonight to quilt through the layers. I plan to echo around the heart, radiating out. Love radiating out from center. Roots of growth based on Trust.

I make a V-Day quilt every year, they can mostly be seen under that label at the side. I try to make the quilt fit the year and we've had a lot of change, and growth, and need hope that they were smart changes, and will lead to more growth and that we will be stronger together for it.

I'm in no great rush to finish this because I am in awe that my tired spirit did this much. I feel the creative part of me comes from spirit, and know it's a gift to make the days worthwhile. Beauty and self expression enhance lives. Love is universal.

I plan to put beads all around the binding after edges are finished, and to place a path of flowers on after quilting.

No rush. I'll show you when done, because I love you for reading my words, and for walking this path with me.

There are many people on youtube to hear singing this lovely work by Michele LeGrand. I discovered this lovely woman singing it and another song is very pretty french, at Birdland in NYC. I wonder do I belong in NYC?
 If that wasn't enough romance, how about this video of Michele Legrand singing along to summer me winter me...

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Just because... a movie review, flowers and love

I would like to review a movie I just watched. I highly recommend it to all as a beautiful film.
 The title is "Paris can wait" 

This movie is in no hurry to reveal itself. It takes you on a journey, watching two people who discover themselves as they reveal themselves. They learn who they are by seeing it through the eyes of their companions.

It's a story of life, and choices. Beautifully illustrated with photos. Art photos. And food, art, architecture of France, history, textiles, beautiful language. It's an art film, written and directed by an older woman, a woman of a certain age. One of the Coppola's, Eleanor, who  in her 70's she decided to direct her first film.

Imagine deciding to do this, to gather other women in a crew, to have the vision, to be courageous enough to ask for collaboration among the cast and crew while defining her vision. And telling her story.

As far as a complete story with a predictable ending, it is more like real life. Leaving questions that are difficult to answer... un-answered.
Leaving it to your desires as to the outcome.
At one point the male lead says to the female lead about her photos... something like... you do not show it all, you allow me to imagine the rest!

This is art to me.
 The collaboration between viewer and maker.
The maker taking the viewer along for the ride on their creative air currents, but the viewer fills in the blanks so that the art becomes personal. Lovely.

And to me it is a love story. It explores love in new ways. There is the love between long time married people, and the spark that can happen at any time between two strangers. Whether fulfilled or not, is not the point to love... it's the spark and the moment, the shared moment.

The poignancy of such a moment reminded me of my husband and of moments before I met him. It reminded me I have also lived and loved. To me, love has nothing to do with youth or appearance, it has everything to do with the unseen that attracts you to take the risk to care about someone. When you love someone, they become beautiful in your eyes, because you see them.

I thought about my dear husband. He understood early that he wanted a happy wife more than he wanted the income she would bring in. He gave up financial security to allow me to finally rest  and become me. I had worked so long at a job that required much giving and little reward. I was tired and he said, not in words but in deeds, "rest with me, I'll shoulder the burden and together we will explore life. Learn who you are and see what you can be, and do it with me at your side"

We are not wealthy nor do we live in grand homes or drive new cars. We don't vacation in France as this woman in the movie. We live daily lives sometimes of excitement and most times of survival. But the love shared between us, that started in a flash at a contra dance, continues.

Like this movie it is an experience of the senses, and there is no one on earth I'd rather go through this life with than my husband. He might not be led to tears at the end of this movie like I was, but he brings me flowers, and he cooks for me when my nerves hurt, and provides for me... and "my dog". He has integrity and kindness. And he is beautiful.
Image result for valentine quilts by lapaylorHappy Valentine's to all because love is universal. Not limited to a person or a moment, but universal.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

I Like Thursday #75 a valentine, some hearts and flowers, some flamingos of course

Life is only a party if you make it one. I love a holiday and an event. I love to decorate with seasonal items although I kept some Valentine quilts (I've made at least 25 for the years we've been together) up all year. Alas, I am not feathering this nest as it's temporary, however I had to place a few items out.

I love having a mantel. A focus for the room jewelry. Those little carnations are holding on!!
I've had this for years and leave it out all year. It reminds me of whimsy from the 1920's... a tap dancing heart.
Right now it's in the shelf holding some of my special family room things that made the trip intact.

I got some new valentines this year, the sweetest little hard backed cards with glitter all over and rick rack hangers. The remind me of really old greeting cards.

Are you like me? Did you exchange little cheap valentines with classmates? We all made a bag, and dropped our offerings in each bag...  you had to have one for everyone.

I was going to send them to people, but I'm too selfish. And needy this year. I have to look at them a while.
Right now, this year's valentine quilt still looks like this but washed and ready to make.
I just do not have the creative mojo to make. I miss it but I'm drained daily here. 
the hope is I finish it by next week and show you on the 14th. I've decided to simplify the design and embellish it a lot. I went out and bought a small batting to stabilize the embroidery and extras.
When I looked through my recent purchases, I did feel a little heart tug at them...
 A Moda scrap bag of strips... love the spring colors, and I realized every one of my recent purchases go together in this color palette.

Including the flamingos and coral fabric, the ocean batiks, and words.
I'm crushing on the coral flamingos. Perfect as is. Old and new.

Such a rich, sort of undefine-able color, kind of dusty red,  that brings out roses in my cheeks. Very 40's looking.

On cold evenings, I've been using this flannel quilt I made one year,
and thought I might get a pic of it for you but Milo photo bombed it...
thanks Mama! Just what I needed!
I think I might just take a nap
 I said, Milo... OFF! I need a picture! He said, why wouldn't you like one with a model on it???
Milo, please, get OFF!
If you're a quilter, look at the first photo for the cool retro way I quilted it. I know moderns are discovering this style, but I made this about 14 years ago.

We all kind of share it. If it happens to fall to the floor, Milo finds a way to snuggle into it until I give in.

One of his likes this week was relaxing by the fire, with a good newspaper and a small bowl of treats...

especially after he had a runaround with a new friend named Boss. A black lab 2 year old who has energy to burn and loves everyone.

While you read this, Milo is having his big boy surgery. Please send him healing thoughts!

Milo kept up step for step with Boss.
We took them to the field and let them run full out.
Milo hasn't been allowed to do that for a long time, and he had a great time!

Boss says, throw the toy! Milo says I don't care about the toy, run!
Two black dogs enjoy firewood together
Milo:  it was a little big but I claimed it! Boss said, okey dokey, lots more where that came from! He's a cool dude. I kind of prefer rocks anyway. More about that later.

 The evening was warmish, so we dragged out our porch chairs and perched on the little backyard patio for the sunset...
It got cold when the sun went down but we three just sat companionably for a moment in the quiet, thinking our own thoughts. We want to find a place to belong. It may not be here, and we are not happy here yet. I just thought I should be honest that even though I find things to like each week, I'm not "PollyAnna"

I'm LeeAnna and trying to find a place to belong.

I needed to laugh this week, so I turned to Youtube and found these two videos....
Now, if you enjoy a tap dancing flamingo, and who doesn't??... enjoy

and one more just for laughs... Domingo the Flamingo for my peeps who flamingo-nuts
 (his favorite day is Sunday)

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